Endoscopic Mid Face Lift

The endoscopic technique made the mid face lift possible. For the first time, hard to reach areas such as the folds next to the nose, and the weightiness around the mouth/jawline can be surgically re-positioned.

The mid face lift vertically elevates and repositions sagging cheek and jowl pads to increase cheek volume and create a well defined profile. For the female patient, the mid face lift provides an excellent opportunity to “open” the outside corners of the eyes. The mid face lift is a compliment for patients who have had traditional facelifts because it directly lifts the weightiness off the central portion of the face. In many cases, this procedure is useful to correct the “wind-swept” look of the “New York yank” and the “Miami mask”.

A few words about the Mid Facelift procedure….

The video endoscopic mid face lift is performed through minimal incisions in the hair, above the ears and inside the upper lip. The fat pads that have gravitated into the jowls and the nasal folds are carefully re-positioned to their former positions – creating high cheek pads and a well defined neckline.

Because this is a highly selective surgical procedure, it can be an ideal option for a patient in their early 40’s and onwards. It can replace a tired look with a refreshed appearance while reinforcing facial integrity – which prolongs a youthful appearance. A mid face lift is often performed with a facelift for best results.


Endoscopic Mid Facelift FAQs

I am 45 years old, am I too young for an Endoscopic Mid Facelift?

No. This is an ideal time to reposition sagging midface tissues and fat pads. Often, these changes are seen in the late 30s and onwards, as a result of heredity. The beauty of this procedure is that the face is strengthened in multiple layers during an Endoscopic Mid Facelift. The flexibility of this procedure allows it to be custom designed to suit your needs at any age.

How long is the recovery process?

Generally speaking, it takes two weeks for most of the swelling and any bruising to resolve. This can vary from individual to individual. When an Endoscopic Mid Face lift is performed, there is some cheek swelling that persists for about 3 weeks post-operatively.

How long do the results last?

A facelift will make you look younger than your chronologic age. However, you will continue to age after the procedure. The best way to think about this is setting the clock back on the aging calendar. For example, if you are currently 65 years old, and after a facelift you look 55 years old, then 10 years from now you will look 65, not 75 years old. You will always look younger than you would if you had not had the facelift.

Are there any drains after the procedure?

Our Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Agarwal or Dr. Maloney, will make this decision after your consultation. Most commonly, ultra-thin drains are used for two days post-operatively in order to reduce bruising and swelling. If drains are used, these are removed easily in the office. In certain cases, especially during an UpLift Facelift, drains are not used.

Do I need someone to take care of me after my Endoscopic Mid Facelift?

You will need someone to help you for at least one or two days post-operatively. If a supportive friend or family member is not available, then home nursing can be arranged through our office.

What kind of anesthesia is utilized during an Endoscopic Mid Facelift?

Twilight sedation is used most commonly. During this type of anesthesia, you will breathe on your own, but you will not remember anything. It is a quick acting type of anesthesia that also wears off quickly. Because you are breathing spontaneously, an endotracheal tube is usually not used.

Am I going to bruise after an Endoscopic Mid Facelift?

There is some amount of bruising after a facelift. This varies from individual to individual. Because the endoscopic facelift technique requires good visualization during the surgery, bleeding is kept to a minimal. As a result, bruising is minimized.

Are there stitches and when are they removed?

Our facial plastic surgeons use fine, delicate sutures to close all incisions. The majority of these are dissolvable. The remaining sutures are removed about 7-9 days post-operatively.

Where is the procedure performed?

All procedures are performed at our state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery center, Doctors Outpatient Surgery Center (DOSC). DOSC is fully certified by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).

When I can workout after an Endoscopic Mid Facelift?

You will be able to resume walking exercises about 10 days post-operatively. You will be able to start running and weight training after two weeks, and advance from there.

When can I play golf after my Endoscopic Mid Facelift?

Generally speaking, you can begin putting and chipping at two weeks. You can resume your full swing at three weeks.

When can I swim after an Endoscopic Mid Facelift?

Assuming there is no laser resurfacing performed simultaneously with the endoscopic mid face lift, you can submerge your head 3 to 4 days post-operatively.

When can I color my hair?

Ideally, we recommend coloring your hair a couple of days before your endoscopic mid face lift. You can color it again 3 weeks post-operatively.

When can I shave?

Men who have facelifts can use an electric razor gently two days post-operatively. Care must be taken to avoid all sutures. Shaving with a blade can be undertaken three weeks post-operatively.

Is an Endoscopic Mid Facelift painful?

Most patients complain of a tight sensation, temporary numbness, and slight discomfort. Pain is uncommon after facial surgery.

When can I drive?

After an endoscopic mid face lift, you will be able to drive your own car about one week post-operatively, provided that you are not still taking narcotic pain medicine.

When can I return to work after an Endoscopic Mid Facelift?

You will feel quite good after an endoscopic mid face lift. When to return to work depends on the type of work you do, whether you care if your colleagues know you have had something done, etc… Certainly, you should not embark upon any strenuous physical work for at least 2 weeks post-operatively.

How long do I need to be in town after an Endoscopic Mid Facelift and when can I fly again?

At the Aesthetic Surgery Center, we have many national and international patients who fly to Naples for their facial surgery. We ask that you remain in town for a full 14 days after an endoscopic mid facelift. After that, you are free to fly.

How long will the scars be noticeable after an Endoscopic Mid Facelift?

Many of the incisions for an endoscopic mid face lift are hidden in the hair bearing scalp, or in the mouth. These are difficult to detect as they heal. The scars around the ears are well hidden, but are slightly red and noticeable upon close inspection for one month post-operatively. Beyond that, they fade and blend in beautifully.

If I am a smoker, can I have an Endoscopic Mid Facelift?

Smoking has been shown in numerous scientific publications to dramatically affect the healing of facial skin and soft tissues post-operatively. At the minimum, you should stop smoking completely 2 weeks prior and for 2 weeks after a facelift. If you absolutely cannot stop smoking, hyberbaric oxygen may be utilized before and after the facelift to reduce but not eliminate the chances of wound healing problems. The endoscopic technique can be adjusted so that the skin layer is not disturbed, thereby preserving its blood supply while your surgeon works on deeper layers.

Do I have to stop any medications before my facial surgery?

Our nurses at the Aesthetic Surgery Center will provide you with a comprehensive list of medications (both prescription and non-prescription) that are known to increase bleeding and affect wound healing after surgery. These should be stopped about 10 days pre-operatively.