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Thank you, Dr. Maloney, for helping me be the best I can be

Every day when I wake up, I can’t wait to look in the mirror and see the younger, wrinkle-free face that you gave me just four months ago. The forehead lift and mid-face suspension that you performed were more than just surgical procedures – they were miracles that gave me a new zest for life and renewed vigor.

My friends and business associates now call me “The Energizer Bunny” because, as they put it, “you just keep going and going and going.” No task seems too daunting or too difficult if you look and feel 10 years younger than your actual age!

I am so proud of my new look and I carry my before and after pictures with me everywhere and share them with whomever expresses an interest. Was it worth investing two weeks of recovery time at home and enduring what turned out to be far less pain than I expected? You betcha!

Thank you, Dr. Maloney, for helping me be the best I can be. You’re terrific!

In grateful appreciation,

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  • Susan

I never thought of myself as particularly brave

A Patient’s Prayer

O Lord, please give my surgeon a restful night’s sleep and may peace and harmony reign in his household.

May his hands be steady and his eyes clear.

May the word “oops!” not be heard, nor an “uh-oh” be uttered.

Let there be not scabs, scars, oozing nor bleeding, nor wailing and gnashing of teeth.

May the spirits of Aphrodite, Venus and Elizabeth Arden guide his hand, nay the spector of Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller and Janet Leigh shall be banished from the room.

O Lord, give me the strength to suffer the shirt-term discomfort for the possibility of not being offered the “Senior Beverage” at Burger King for a few more years.

To the Plastic Surgeon or the Veterinarian?

They say that as pet owners age they start to resemble their dogs. This might not be such a bad thing if your dog is a stock number such as a greyhound or a cute cuddly toy breed. In my case, my Scarlett is a basset hound. Now on her, the sad, droopy eyes and pendulous jowls are positively endearing. Those qualities never fail to elicit a smile and head pat and frequently a “yummy.” On me, these features made me look old and weary and never scored a single “yummy.” In fact, during the past five years I developed an allergy to mirrors.

Now, I have to tell you, despite my matronly outward appearance, inside their beats the heart of a teenager. I still won’t turn off the car engine until Frankie Valli finishes “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” Lately I had begun to look more like a fan of Rudy Vallee. My eyes, reputedly the “windows of the soul,” looked as though the shades were half drawn, and my former rosy cheeks had dropped down to the lower half of my face, luffing in the breeze on a windy day. We won’t even talk about the area under my chin! A more prominent dewlap was never seen in any barnyard! In short, the sands of time had taken there inexorable but rapid downward shift in celebration of my 50th birthday. Bummer!

I’ve watched enough graphic documentaries about plastic surgery to know that the aforementioned changes are not irrevocable. The question was, was I ready? After seeing a recent candid snapshot of myself, the answer was “YES!!!” A visit to Dr. Maloney’s office and a skillful visual imaging really cinched it. Perhaps my face wouldn’t be condemned for building code violations after all!

Quite honestly, I never thought of myself as particularly brave. My pain threshold is about as low to the ground as Scarlett’s belly. I have raised whining to a high art form. Never would have made it as one of our hardy pioneer women. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised, okay amazed, at how comfortable I felt during and after the full face lift. I had never felt the awful pain I anticipated. Dr. Maloney promised me I wouldn’t, and he was right. I did feel ache, much like the kind I’ve experienced after a strenuous day of gardening, but that was temporary.
To anyone out there contemplating the big step of cosmetic surgery, I can only say, “Go for it!” I had hoped to regain perhaps five years of aging time. Friends and relatives concur that it’s more like fifteen. This means a great deal to someone who had felt resigned to being on the “downhill run” and had pretty much given up on the idea of ever feeling, let alone looking attractive again. Sorry Scarlett, we no longer look like we came from the same litter, but the “baggies” look much better on you!

In grateful appreciation,

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  • Barbara

I am safe when I am in your hands

Dr. Maloney,

Thank you for being such a good and caring doctor. There are many doctors, but not all are as caring. Thank you for having staff that is not only professional and courteous, but also caring.

Thank you for taking such good care of all of my friends and most especially, my daughter.

Thank you for always being there and available whenever I need you for something. I know that I am safe when I am in your hands.

Sharon (“one of Maloney’s girls”)

p.s. where is my punchcard?

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  • Sharon

You’ll never miss your Senior Discount!

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who’s the least menopausal of them all?
After a nip, tuck and procedures gory,
Erni’s restored to former glory.

Your image in the glass now pleases
When formerly it evoked, “Oh Jeezes.”
As heads turn and praises mount,
You’ll never miss your “Senior Discount!”

In grateful appreciation,

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  • Erni

Thank you all very much for the Botox

Dear Dr. A, Stephanie, Bonnie and Shawn

Thank you all very much for the Botox! I had never had it before and am amazed at the difference it has made! It’s subtle but, I can certainly see the difference! Everyone who came is saying the same thing, even those who have had it before say what a great job you did Dr. A! Better than they ever had done before!

Thanks again!

A Better Looking

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  • Cindy

Everything looks alive and healthy including me

It was spring. Actually it was my 47th spring and everything looked alive and healthy but me.

After many long discussions with my mirror, the realization was clear that nothing but surgery would improve my looks.

The stern looking forehead, which lead to “hooded eyes,” weighty jowls and double chins could not be rested, cream, exercised or vacationed away. A new hairdo, hair-color or wardrobe didn’t help. It actually made it worse, I think, because everything but me looked better.

Since my medical degree comes via Allure and Cosmo magazines, I was aware of the contemporary approach to face-lifting. The endoscopic technique which uses minimal access incisions to custom build a facelift was the procedure I was looking for. The traditional method of stretchy, pulling and tugging which produce a mask-like or smiley facelift was not for me.
After extensive research and physician interviews with experienced endoscopic facial plastic surgeons, I selected Dr. Maloney to custom restore my face.

It is now spring! Actually it is my 51st spring and everything looks alive and healthy including me.

Short chats with my mirror now confirm the fact that I do look better. Besides restoring my facial appearance, the surgery has improved my self-esteem, my confidence and my self-enthusiasm.

I have made positive changes in my total appearance to reflect the ‘real me.’ These changes are more than skin deep because I have become the person I have always intended to be.
In grateful appreciation,

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  • Diane

I learned a lot and enjoyed

Dr. Maloney, Dr. Agarwal, Sharon and Nicole
I had a Vi peel on Monday, July 25th, 2011, at your office.
I just wanted to tell you thank you and that my skin did exactly what the girls told me it would do and today it is absolutely flawless!! They explained it all so well and I learned a lot and enjoyed the afternoon.
Thanks again,

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  • Donna