Bellafill® is a filler that is injected into the dermis for correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. It is the first non-resorbable (permanent) filler approved by the FDA. Bellafill® is polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) coupled with a purified bovine collagen gel carrier. The PMMA beads form a support matrix for your own collagen, which gradually replaces the bovine collagen carrier gel.

Bellafill® is approved to treat the nasolabial folds that form around the mouth. Bellafill® usually lasts for years, unlike many of the non-permanent injectable fillers. All patients benefit from a second treatment 3 to 6 months after the initial injection session. Due to biological variables (each person’s ability to make collagen varies), some patients may require a third touch-up treatment one or two years later.

A collagen skin test must be performed one month prior to treatment. Patients with a positive skin test will not be treated with Bellafill®. Treatment involves multiple injections to the site with a very thin needle. Anesthesia involves nerve blocks, topical numbing cream, or both.

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Bellafill® FAQs

How do I choose the injectable filler that is right for me?

Deciding if Bellafill is the best choice for you could determine the success of your procedure. Each type of filler is unique in its ability to treat wrinkles, folds, and facial depressions, as well as augmenting the lips and other areas of the face. Fillers have a variety of consistencies and of depths they will travel to fill wrinkles in the skin. Luckily, choosing the right filler agent is a decision for one of the Plastic Surgeons at the Aesthetic Surgery Center. During a consultation, you will be assessed to help determine which treatment is best out of a range of choices, including Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, and more. Sometimes a combination of fillers can be used together to achieve the optimal results in the different portions of your face.

How long does Bellafill last?

Unlike many of the non-permanent injectable fillers, Bellafill typically lasts for years with small, periodic touch-ups. The timeframe may vary based on the biological variables of the patient. On average, the first revisit should be scheduled three to six months after the initial injection session, with a third treatment planned for one to two years after the initial injection session.

Is Bellafill safe?

Bellafill was the first non-resorbable filler approved by the FDA, meaning patients get the closest thing to permanent results possible. It is composed of a combination of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and a purified bovine collagen gel carrier. These substances are biocompatible and safe to inject into the body. A skin test on your forearm is needed one month prior to injecting the face to make sure you are not allergic to bovine collagen.

Do Bellafill injections hurt?

Bellafill, like any other injectable treatment, typically results in some mild pain at the injection site. Many patients have described the initial feeling as similar to a bug bite. Your plastic surgeon will help to manage your discomfort during the procedure with anesthetics such as nerve blocks, topical numbing cream, and sometimes a combination of the two.

What are the side effects of Bellafill?

There are no side effects exclusive to Bellafill but patients may experience the general side effects of injectable treatments. These may include slight bruising, swelling, and pain at the treatment site, lasting only a few days before gradually subsiding. Your surgeon will likely use ice, a topical anesthetic cream, or a lidocaine nerve block to perform your treatment and reduce your chances of pain, bruising and swelling.

What problems will Bellafill correct?

Bellafill is best suited for treating the nasolabial folds and marionette lines that form around the mouth as the skin ages and loses elasticity. Discuss other possible treatment options with your plastic surgeon to determine if Bellafill is the best filler for your needs.

When will I see my Bellafill results?

The initial results of your Bellafill injections will be visible immediately, although they may be a bit obscured by mild swelling. The full effects of your treatment will emerge as the area heals and the gel sets. The initial correction provided by Bellafill is due to the bovine collagen effect. This bovine collagen resorbs over the first two to three months after injection, followed by generation of your own collagen in response to the polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). Your body will gradually produce more of its own collagen over time, and with successive treatment, the result is amplified, giving long term improvement in folds and wrinkles.

What’s the right age to receive Bellafill treatments?

Candidates for Bellafill treatments are not restricted to a certain age range. Your eligibility for the injection will depend on the presence of lines, folds, and depressions. These features can be hereditary, sometimes appearing years before they should. Facial fillers like Bellafill can help patients even in their 30s to reverse these effects, no matter the underlying cause.

Who will perform my Bellafill treatment?

All Bellafill treatments will be administered by one of the Aesthetic Surgery Center’s plastic surgeons. Each surgeon has the skill and training required to provide patients with three-dimensional volumetric enhancement to various areas of the face, as needed.

Can I receive Bellafill treatments on the same day as my consultation?

Yes, treatments can be administered directly following your initial consultation. When you call the Aesthetic Surgery Center for an appointment with one of our plastic surgeons, make sure to mention your intentions for filler treatments. Specify whether you intend to begin your treatments that day or at a later time and your appointment will be scheduled however you wish.